Friday, September 17, 2010

hearts1 Love Is Great ... Welcome! Value Love when you have it!

I value the love I have. I love a beautiful girl named Marife, who is a great mother (of Merry Fe and Mark ... love them!), and a loving member of her family. After knowing her as a good friend since 2006, I finally met her in person January 15th, 2009 ... and that is when I fell for her. The minute I saw her I knew I wanted us to be together. Amazed me ... still does.
I also love my daughter Sarah who is a great daughter. I also love the friends and family I have who have been supportive and I have been supportive to them ... mutual caring is good ... some for many years and others for many days. People are caring and loving if you let them. And yes ... we have cats ... which are good for showing love (when they feel it is a good idea ... sigh).
Check your life and think about who loves you ... Life is worth living, there is love in pretty much everyones life if you pay attention. And don't forget to let those you love know that you love them ... and let them know often!
Love you Marife, Sarah, Merry Fe, & Mark! ... Gregg

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